the m▲yor's son
Ugh I always get sick.

Cibo by Natalia Lisovskaya


Back in the day


Lombardy, Italy | Italy | Alberto Locatelli

Sleeping at normal hours would be kind of cool..

Instead I have to be up for class in 7 hours and I’m stuck watching blue planet, wide awake.

On the bright side, da earth is pretty tight doe~



Right Thing To Do ft. Jessie Ware - SBTRKT


I couldn’t get my shift covered yesterday while we were moving out of the apartment.

While I was working, my parents managed to accidentally put the clothes I had packed in a gym bag for the week until our new place is ready, also my school backpack and laptop away somewhere they don’t know where it is. So until we move into our new place on the 29th, I have no clothes, no laptop and no school supplies. Semester starts with a 9am Econ class tomorrow.

Oh and also managed to lose both sets of keys to my car. Each key is 350$

Lesson learned: don’t let other people move your shit when you move out of a house/apartment. Make sure you move all your own belongings so you know where everything goes, and you are the only one held accountable.

So I’m currently in limbo while waiting to move into my new apartment which won’t be ready till the 29th. My sisters been nice enough to let my brother and I crash at her house for the time being. Since I’m the youngest I got stuck with the couch, kinda hard to fit a 6’0ft person on a small couch, lets just say I’m not sleeping very well.

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